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Premium Grass-fed Beef Tallow Fat. Bulk Size Buckets.

Premium Grass-fed Beef Tallow Fat. Bulk Size Buckets.

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Premium Quality Grass-fed Beef Tallow from Wisconsin. Bulk Size Buckets. 

Made from 100% Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished Beef Suet (Kidney Fat), our tallow is pure, natural, and minimally processed. We source our fats from independent Wisconsin family farmers who use regenerative, sustainable, and humane farming practices. We use a traditional, small-batch, artisanal dry rendering method and double-filtration to ensure the highest quality and purity.

Characteristics of our grass-fed beef tallow:

–Our tallow is dry-rendered and double-filtered to ensure purity and stability. While our tallow is almost odorless, it is a natural beef product and may have a mild, natural scent, which can be overcome with herbs or essential oils or by further processing it using a “wet” rendering method.

–Our tallow contains no additives or preservatives, just pure 100% grass-fed beef suet (kidney fat).

–Our tallow is hand-made weekly in small batches from fresh grass-fed beef suet. While tallow is naturally stable at room temperature, it should be stored in a dark, cool, and dry environment.

–Tallow that is made from 100% beef suet (kidney fat) is hard, not soft, but it melts easily and can be combined with other fats or oils to increase softness.

–Our tallow is pure, all-natural base, ready for further processing for skin care products, candles, lubricants, cooking, and more.

–Our tallow is prepared in a licensed commercial kitchen that complies with food handling laws and best practices.

–Please note that container volume is measured in fluid ounces. Pure-rendered tallow is lighter than water, and container weights may vary with each batch.

–This is a natural, minimally processed product. Characteristics such as color and consistency may vary according to the season and by individual batch. We do not homogenize, bleach or deodorize our products, we celebrate the diversity that nature provides us!

-Our plastic containers are the highest quality buckets in the market, BPA free and food grade.

Measurement is in fluid Oz

60 Oz ~ 3.4-3.7 Pounds

90 Oz~5.5 pounds

120 Oz~7 Pounds.

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Please note: This product is a minimally processed grass-fed beef tallow. It is not a cosmetic product and has not been tested for cosmetic use (please see the Disclaimer below).

*Disclaimer: Even products that contain all-natural ingredients can cause skin reactions in some individuals. We recommend conducting a patch test before use to avoid adverse skin reactions, especially if you have sensitive skin. If you experience any adverse reaction, stop using the product immediately and seek medical advice. If rinsing the affected area with cool water doesn’t alleviate the symptoms, or if you have any concerns about possible side effects of this product, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.

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