Whipped Tallow without Seed Oils

Whipped Tallow without Seed Oils

Whipped tallow, with its unique properties, is a versatile option for daily use in both skincare and cooking. Its light texture and easy spreadability make it a popular choice, especially when made at home with the addition of fragrances or botanical extracts.

If you are not adding beeswax or emulsifiers, all whipped tallow formulations require a mix of hard tallow fat made from suet and liquid oils (usually 20-40%).

Finding high-quality and fresh seed oils takes work. Most of the seed oils available in the US are imported from other countries. Therefore, most producers add preservatives and chemicals to make them shelf-stable. Also, many people experience skin and food allergies from consuming seed oils and find it challenging to find alternatives to seed oils.

The solution: Replace seed oils with "Soft" Tallow Fat made from trimmed fat. This type of fat melts very quickly, and it will make any formulation creamy and fluffy!

If you want more information on how to make Whipped tallow, here is our recommended step-by-step recipe on how to make whipped tallow

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